A series of life lessons in doodling. 

I have wise, talented friends.

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Hispanic beard of of the day (07/23)


I wish I was a handsome hispanic dude like this foo.



Street Style: Andrew Stetson

I swear, my little cousin’s, friend’s brother, is like a younger Andrew Stetson. Fudge

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photograph by Alex McDonell






Here is New York, now in GIF form.

That’s not even fair tho


Look at this man here.  Look at him.

rude ass face yo!

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Kodak to Graph


Daniel Bederov by Matthieu Dortomb 

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Salt Cathedral - "Tease (Kodak to Graph remix)"

It’s 10 pm somewhere in the US. So the FCC can’t get on my case. (Joke)
But, this song/remix, is FuckingBadAss!!. Definitely to be featured in my July Mixtape.
Remixed by Florida’s own, Kodak to Graph. Who happens to be a handsome dj/producer with hipster ironic mustache.
Salt Cathedral are a band from Brooklyn, NY.


Eyes Lips Eyes - " Language Lessons"

From their upcoming album, Place to Be. Out on 8/5.
Eyes Lips Eyes are a Los Angeles based band.

Another crossover, between me and my other blog californiarepublicofmusic

Mausi - “My friend has a Swimming Pool”

I’ve actually featured a track of two off of Mausi . Definitely A cool Summer Vibe track.  It sort of reminds me to the early 90s house/dance jams.

Glass Animals - "Pools (Jackson and his Computer Band)” - Pools EP (2014)

NICE lounge-y track. Something smooth. And was remixed by an artist I was introduced to a few months back, Jackson and his Computer Band.  So, that’s a big plus.

The Rentals - “1000 seasons”

From their upcoming LP, Lost in Alphaville . Out August 26 on Polyvinyl Records.